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Website Usability Analysis
In today's competitive business environment, building a professional website is not always best left to the designers/developers.

Web Designers come with all levels of skill, abilities and experience. Often, the designer or organization he/she belongs to may have the critical skills needed to make a website look right, but not operate effectively. The navigations may be intuitive, but the download speed inadequate. The search function may be capable, but the site architecture counterintuitive.

As with any information gathering, buying, selling or transacting exercise, every part of the process must be seamless, comfortable and efficient.

Dynamic Digital Advertising specializes in making websites work and offering website visitors a high-quality user experience. Through website usability testing, DDA can identify navigation defects on websites and provide solutions. This involves traffic reports, user experience, expert observation, focus groups, site navigation analysis, site design appearance expertise and other functionality issues.

To Be Sure™
DDA's To Be Sure Website Usability Analysis Program offers high-end, subjective expert analysis, user experience, statistical testing, and video recorded focus group for browsing, at prices affordable for companies of all sizes.

To Be Sure™, by Dynamic Digital Advertising, offers three programs representing three distinct ways to better understand your website's strengths and weaknesses. All three programs will provide usable data on what the sitebrowsing experience is like and provide detailed recommendations on how to improve the site and eliminate problem areas and general deficiencies.


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